For many years now, the nautical industry has used adhesive technology for joining materials. Developments in the use of composites and an increase in production volumes in the sector have created new requirements for which solutions must be found.

Aderis methacrylate adhesives require only a simple surface preparation, and can be used to bond different types of metals and composites on large and small areas, while offering excellent resistance to marine environments.

Aderis has developed references with open times ranging from a few minutes to several hours while providing a very broad adhesion spectrum on various substrates.

Close collaboration between our research centre and the Bénéteau Group, a key player in the recreational boating sector, has enabled us to develop and adapt Aderis products that are currently in use in many boatyards for both production and repair applications.

Our products meet the requirements for marine use and are designed to durably bond composite materials and metals with a robust adhesion and to make assemblies more reliable, including below the waterline.

The quality and performance of Aderis products has led to the development of numerous applications in the marine sector. They are used to produce boats, yachts and marine structures, with controlled costs and a high level of reliability and safety.

Aderis has initiated several steps to have the products in its marine range approved by certification bodies.