Construction and building

Aderis adhesives have demonstrated their ability to assemble different types of metals and composites in severe weather conditions that generate high stresses on the bonding interfaces.

These adhesives are used to enhance the reliability of numerous assemblies in particularly demanding building sectors in France and Europe.

The Aderis adhesives are designed to structurally bond different types of metals and composites without distortion on both large and small areas while respecting the geometry of the structures.

Our products are used primarily in the fabrication of aluminium composite facade panels, motorway signs, street furniture (low-energy buildings), aluminium windows and verandas, and GRP tanks.

Over 50% of French road signs are bonded using Aderis products.

Like many other works, several facade panels of the BALARD hexagon, the new headquarters of the French Ministry of Defence, were produced u sing Aderis products. The bonding process was approved by the CSTB (under the supervision of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy).