New vehicle bodywork designs require the assembly of a combination of materials that are increasingly lightweight and sophisticated.

Some of these assemblies, produced in small and large series, can be achieved by combining bonding techniques with mechanical fastening thereby ensuring that the manufacturers’ reliability, sizing, production rates and safety standards can be respected.

These hybrid assemblies must perform reliably throughout the entire service life of the vehicle and subject to numerous constraints (impact resistance, vibrations, temperature and humidity variations, etc.). They must also be able to be easily replaced as required in accordance with the vehicle’s design rules and the manufacturer’s safety standards.

For many years, Aderis’ range of structural adhesives has demonstrated their special performance characteristics in small and medium series applications for bonding passenger seat rails to the chassis of PRM, police and minibus vehicles of various European brands.

These innovative applications have been developed in close collaboration  with major French coachbuilders, with the implementation of assembly methods by gluing without any rivets.

Aderis products, which have become a benchmark for this type of application, offer numerous advantages:

Products are available in drums and 490 ml cartridges for production or repair use.