Interior fittings and equipment

Aircraft cabin interiors and seats are constantly evolving to meet the needs of passengers and airlines in order offer more space, and improve comfort and ergonomics while looking to save weight. Applications for interior components also concern bulkheads, panels, partitions, doors, frames, tablets, and passenger service units.

Aderis’ methacrylate adhesive technology is used in numerous multi-material assembly applications in aircraft as they are particularly compatible with a dynamic environment subject to air conditioning and pressurization:

Primary and Secondary Structures

Bonding technology has been used in the aircraft construction sector since the 1940s. The bonding of metals and composite materials has developed empirically over time on primary and secondary structures.

Future aircraft designs are constantly evolving towards processes that are less complicated, safer, and more economic.  New alloys and increasingly sophisticated composite materials must be able to be assembled on thin substrates while reducing the need for bolt and rivet holes which weaken them. Structural adhesive technologies must also innovate with new features to meet these new requirements, notably in terms of acoustics.

The new structural adhesives technology developed by Aderis offers a broad combination of new properties that are currently undergoing testing for various innovative projects by several manufacturers, subcontractors and academic experts.