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ADERIS™ reinforces its position as a leader in multi-material structural assembly by opening up new fields of application using high-performance technologies in a variety of fields including transport, building and construction, sport and leisure.

ADERIS™ pushes back the limits on structural bonding using a range of structural adhesives combining a high peel strength of up to 30 N/mm with a shear strength of up to 30 MPa.

They offer a feasible alternative to polyurethane and epoxy adhesives and mastics which are more difficult to use and have much more limited application ranges.

In line with environmental requirements, ADERIS™ adhesives do not use CMR substances and are completely recyclable.

ADERIS™ methacrylate adhesives do not involve the use of primers and require only simple surface preparation. They provide rapid treatment of bonded parts without stoving as a result of sufficient open time to produce the bond and a short set time, thus improving the efficiency of production lines with a tight deadline.

Advantages :

 • Unequalled tear strength on many materials of up to 30 N/mm combined with a high shear strength of up to 30 MPa

 • Can be used without the use of primers on bare, painted or treated metals

 • Rapid treatment of assembled parts

 • Tack effect allowing the production of vertical bonds

 • Production of large bonding areas with large clearances

 • Reduction of the weight of adhesive due to low density

 • Very low shrinkage, flexibility and elasticity over the entire range

 • High strength at high and low temperatures and in extreme environmental conditions

 • High resistance to vibration, wear, impact and chemicals

 • Technology without the use of CMR substances and recyclable

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